The How To Live With an Open Heart Guided Experience is Here!

An Invitation from Nanette V. Hucknall

Hello, I’m Nanette Hucknall, the founder of Higher Self Yoga. Firstly, I hope this message finds you safe and well in these trying holiday times. I’m writing today with an invitation for us to explore how to live with an open heart.

In the spirit of a much needed new year, I would like to share with you the following guided experience. This Guided Experience developed by Higher Self Yoga is based on the writing, lessons, and exercises from my book, How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity & Discover Inner Wisdom.  


The heart is the most powerful instrument there is, and like any other instrument, you need to learn how to use it.   Therefore, to live from the heart is the highest expression of experiencing life at its fullest. One could even say that to live from the heart is to live in oneness with the highest energy possible, the energy of the Higher Self, the energy of Source.   


Through this guided experience, you’ll train in how to bring the loving, wise energy that comes through the heart into the reality of your life. Most importantly, you can explore your inner world, nurture your relationships, and expand your openness to encompass the world as a whole.  

Listen to Nanette’s Invitation here:

What Does It Mean to Trust Your Open Heart

As you grow in your trust of the heart, the spirit within begins to guide you in fantastic new ways. You’ll see your capacity to recognize right from wrong and the confidence to act from that knowledge. You’ll experience the wonder of diverse, fresh, new ideas and your perceptions. You will expand to perceive the world in new ways. In fact, challenges themselves take the shape of opportunities and these opportunities bring new avenues of fulfillment to your life.  

By Learning to Live from the Heart, we cultivate the most worth-while aspects of being alive. – Nanette V. Hucknall

Essentially, by living from the heart, you will transform into who you are meant to become. Equally important,  from there, you will be able to realize the essence of your being.  

A Transformative Process

Opening the heart is a transformative process. As you embark on this process, it will grant you the ability to love, share, give, receive, and grow.  With this intention, you learn the most worthwhile aspects of being alive.  


I hope that this guided experience places you on your heart’s true path. To go deeper into this journey, you can explore the lessons and exercises in my book How to Live from the Heart, which includes meditations on refining one’s personality, creativity, livelihood and more. 


In conclusion, on behalf of myself and the whole Higher Self Community, I wish you all the love, openness and beauty that the heart has to offer! 

About the Guided Experience

Living from the Heart: A Guided Experience invites you to move beyond the mental and cultural experience of love, and into a life of true open-heartedness.

Throughout the 5 sections of the course, we’ll share meditations, lessons, and guidance for exercises. These are designed to support you as you learn to expand the depth of the heart.

About the Book

With compelling stories and illuminating exercises, How to Live from Your Heart shows you practical ways to listen with your heart. By relating to others from your heart; inspire and be inspired; and to be open to new, exciting possibilities.

You’ll discover the many, surprising facets of Heart Energy. By bringing Heart Energy into your work, environment, and relationships you’ll have a more authentic experience of life and a deeper connection to the Higher Self.

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