How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom

Nanette V. Hucknall

Heart energy is nurturing, warm, quiet, refined, and open. It opens you up to loving relationships, creativity, and spiritual growth. It brings you peace and happiness.

With compelling stories and illuminating exercises, How to Live from Your Heart shows you practical ways to listen with your heart; relate to others from your heart; inspire and be inspired; and to be open to new, exciting possibilities.

You’ll discover the many, surprising facets of Heart Energy, and how to use Heart Energy in your work, your environment, with nature, and for connecting to the Higher Self.


A US Review Recommended Book of the Year!

MidWest Book Review – Reader’s Favorite Book!


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  • RECOMMENDED by the US Review

    CAROL ANDERSON, D.MIN., ACSW, LMSW (verified owner)

    A heart-felt book about living from the heart, this book begins with an Introduction that defines heart energy and focuses on spiritual growth, six parts that are broken down into 27 chapters, and ending with Working with the Higher Self, which includes higher self exercises. The six parts include: 1) Defining the Heart Center, 2) Relating to Others, 3) The Heart and the Higher Self, 4) Applying Heart Energy, 5) Looking Within, and 6) Deepening the Experience. Chapters focus on defining heart energy and using this energy, functions of the heart, relationships, our Higher Selves and spirituality, lower nature, creativity, work, coping with being out of balance, using the mind, life goals, and truth.

    Writing from the spirit and soul, the author creates a well-meaning and well-written book focusing on how we can grow and change into the healing of ourselves, others, and the planet. The book is written in an easy manner and one can easily pick up the book and jump into any chapter, although it flows nicely by being read chapter-by-chapter. Each chapter includes valuable teaching stories and exercises to help to connect to the heart via visual, auditory, feelings, and sensory processing. The strongest chapters include: The Heart’s True Functions, Using Heart Energy to Connect With the Higher Self, and It’s Okay to Not Always Be Connected to the Heart, although all chapters are pertinent.

    A focus on compassion, creativity, and inner wisdom, the book also explores how the mind and heart must work together in order for us to expand into our own Higher Selves as well as the Higher Self of others’ and the earth. Utilizing all of the exercises offers wonderful insight into ourselves and others and shouldn’t be ignored. There are valuable lessons to be learned for many seeking a higher path as well as a review for others that are already on a heart path.

  • MidWest Book Review - Reader's Favorite!

    MAMTA MADHAVEN (verified owner)

    “How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom” by Nanette V. Hucknall is a useful tool that will help readers to open their hearts and connect themselves to higher wisdom. The book highlights the importance of always using the heart. The author has included many exercises and experiments for readers to connect with their hearts, leading them to a connection with their Higher Selves. The book demonstrates the beauty of using the heart and how one can be open to its energy and feel its qualities.

    I found the topic interesting and the author weaves the physical and the spiritual plane together beautifully, which makes it easy for readers to have a better understanding about their hearts and how to work with their energies. The tips and suggestions are simple and easy to understand, enabling readers to incorporate them into their lives and thinking. The book will help us to understand our hearts in a better way, and use it properly in all the relationships so that it can deepen them. The book will make readers think deeply with its insightful interpretation of the heart, its strength, and its importance.

    It is a book that will make readers discover themselves for the better, and help to make positive changes in the way they look at relationships and life in general. All the exercises can be practiced easily to strengthen the heart and have a better understanding about the role it plays in our lives.


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Chapter 1

Imagine yourself in a deeply loving and completely fulfilling relationship, excited by each new day. Imagine you awake to intellectually stimulating work that matters in the world. Picture the deepest longings in your heart blooming into real, tangible manifestations of your creativity. You can have all of this. You already have the road map and the knowledge to create this beautiful life, and all that wisdom resides in your heart. Your heart knows:

• Right from wrong

• Creativity from procrastination

• Love from lust • Joy from mania

• Honesty from falsehoods And more.

And here’s the best news. Tapping into your heart communications skills will:

• Bring you a deeper perspective on events in your own life and in the world

• Help you attain and retain emotional balance

• Unleash your creativity and make it easier to tap into throughout your day

• Bring awareness to your own gifts

• Help you develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others

• Access your innate intuitive guidance

• Connect you to higher wisdom

To understand your heart is to understand how to work with energies. These energies flow through you and affect your personality, as well as the way you relate to others. Understanding heart energy is learning how to make these energies work for you in a positive manner, a manner that will help you to grow morally and spiritually and help you in your relationships with others.

There have been many schools, from the psychological to the religious and philosophical, that speak of the power of love, the power of the spiritual self, and the power of higher inspiration. All of these are energies flowing through the heart center.

The heart center is an instrument that literally expresses these qualities. As with any instrument, it is necessary to practice in order to bring forth its finest sound. It takes time, dedication, and knowledge to make this happen. It is up to you to do the work, to want to use your heart, and to have the need for an open heart full of compassion and understanding.

Having an open heart will change your behavior and affect those who are close to you.

With the use of your heart, you can develop the means to have lasting relationships and an abundance of energy, and you can even discover your creative self. All of this is part of everyone’s potential, a potential seldom used to its fullest.

First, it is necessary to come to a better understanding of your heart center. Emotions always flow through this center, which is located in the middle of your chest in line with the physical heart. Emotion usually causes a pressure or a knot in this center. If it is a loving feeling, the pressure is often accompanied by warmth and expansion. The saying, “I feel my heart is going to burst” reflects this expansion. The saying, “I feel my heart is going to break” reflects what happens when the energy in this center becomes contracted, causing a real pain.

Neither of the above comes from the physical heart. There are energy centers throughout the body, which are repositories of psychic energy, the life energy flowing through a person’s physical body. This energy vibrates through the organs and the vascular and nervous systems of the body, leaving only at death.

This same energy literally activates physical sensations and causes them to affect the mental and emotional makeup of a person. This energy is also an activating force in the centers. It varies depending on the use of each center. If a person never uses the heart center, then it will not be activated. Such a person would be cold and distant, someone who has a difficult time relating to others. When someone uses his heart center, that person will emit warmth and gentleness. Meeting someone like this may make you say, “This person has a good heart,” meaning an open-heart center.

With the use of your heart, feelings deepen, and they can create a better understanding of others. Look at those people you feel are loving and caring. Their openness and acceptance is usually a quality that is very apparent. This same openness allows you to be responsive and warm, which causes your heart to expand a little in return. When this type of exchange takes place, it is truly communication in its best sense.

It is easy to use your heart with someone who is like this. It is naturally much harder with a relationship that is more distant. Unfortunately, most people will neglect trying to use their heart with someone who is detached and aloof. Yet sending such a person the warmth of your heart can open him up and help him, in turn, awaken his own heart.

Part of increasing the awareness of using your heart is simply to use it in every situation, whether or not it is comfortable. Such a practice not only will help you to see the truth behind what is happening, but also will provide a means to change your own negative behavior habits.

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