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MBR California Bookwatch Review, July 2017 Issue

The July 2017 issue of “California Bookwatch”, an online publication of the Midwest Book Review, features an outstanding review of “How To Live From Your Heart”!

“How To Live From Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity & Discover Inner Wisdom talks about ‘heart energy’ and the special challenges of cultivating a style of spiritual growth that lends to peace and wisdom. While the topic may sound familiar (indeed, it’s similar to other new age, self-help and spirituality coverages), the real difference between this and others lies in its inclusion of exercises and concrete plans for fostering this growth. How To Live From Your Heart is a satisfying blend of workbook, philosophical and spiritual discussion, and example-filled testimonial on the force of heart energy and its power to affect and change not just individual lives, but the world. Its focus on bigger pictures beyond new age philosophies and its grounding in psychology will attract wider audiences than new age readers alone.”


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