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Nanette V. Hucknall

Authority on Relationships, Psychology & Spiritual Growth
Award-Winning Author, Psychotherapist and Lecturer
Founder and President Emeritus of Higher Self Yoga Inc.

Nanette V. Hucknall

I can help you connect to your Higher Self and transform your life both personally and spiritually.



Awakening Intuition

Awakening Intuition with Guided Meditation and Self-Reflection In the first of many efforts to help you find inner calm and continue your spiritual journey, we’re releasing our introductory course on awakening your intuition for completely free. Now, as always, we at...

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Observations is a collection of audio recordings and podcasts by Nanette V. Hucknall.  Featured podcast topics including health & wellness, relationships, spiritual growth, and self-development. Visit AudioBoom

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Nanette’s book on the heart has been a beacon of light on my spiritual journey – beautiful, simple and deeply moving.

– Mark Solomon Founder & CEO Northern Creative Studio London, England


Nanette Hucknall writes with compassion and a deep sense of knowing —  truly from the Heart!  This book is a jewel.

– Mary Dino, LCSW

Trainer and Consultant on Psychological Trauma


Nanette Hucknall’s book is a multi-layered, powerfully effective tool for opening the heart. And yet I found it to be delightful and easy to read, straight-forward and practical to implement.

– Ariana Attie


I never knew the power of heart energy or how to apply it in life, until I read Nanette’s book. It has been positively transformative in my life.   

– Mario Canki, Ph.D.


There is no clearer path to greater fulfillment in life than living from the heart, and Nanette’s book tells you how to achieve it!

– Larson Rogers, PhD

Chair of Computer Technology / Health IT, Director of IT Services

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology


‘Heart’ provides positive motivation to accomplish challenging tasks.  Nanette’s book helped me calmly choose appropriate words in emotional situations when clarity is invaluable. 

– Tina Skodic, RHN

Administrator, Parkview Village Retirement Community


Nanette Hucknall’s powerful teaching style transformed my old way of living to living from the heart. I am a happier person now than I was before.

Ursula Velonis, PhD

Adjunct Professor – Philosophy Dept., Executive Board Member at United Faculty (UF), Los Medanos College


Nanette Hucknall has inspired me to open my heart to higher knowledge and inner wisdom and to balance this with intellectual knowledge in higher education and everyday life.  Working with the heart and the Higher Self I have come to embrace life with deeper awareness, understanding and acceptance, true communication, creativity, and a greater sense of wholeness.  The wisdom of Nanette’s book truly inspires toward self-awareness, compassion, joy, and the power of love.

Irene van Kessel, Doctor of Philosophy


A friend and I are reading and doing the exercises from Nanette’s book and sharing our thoughts. We both love this book. Although I have read other books referring to using ones heart, this one is superior in information relating to the specific uses of heart energy and the subtle nature of its personal guidance. A great treasure.

Lorraine Marra


It seemed unnatural – as a scientist – to “work with your heart” but following Nanette’s advice in her book was an incredibly eye-opening experience.  

-Elena E. Paskaleva, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


About Nanette Hucknall

Authority on Relationships, Psychology & Spiritual Growth

For over thirty years, Nanette Hucknall has developed and led Higher Self Yoga classes and retreats throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  She is a recognized authority on relationships, healing psychological wounds, overcoming obstacles and self-empowerment. Nanette is a trained psychotherapist and career therapist, and has transformed thousands of lives through her books, classes, lectures and retreats. She is the author of six award-winning books, including: Higher Self Yoga, Book One Higher Self Yoga, Book Two; Higher Self Yoga, Book Three. Nanette is also the Founder and President Emeritus of Higher Self Yoga, Inc. and Founder and President Emeritus of The Center for Peace Through Culture.   Read More

landscape painting - Nanette V. Hucknall
Landscape by Nanette Hucknall

In addition to her writing, Nanette is also a skilled artist who has been painting since her time at Cooper Union.  Her paintings are mostly abstract with a focus on landscapes and natural settings. The beauty and vibrancy of nature inspires all of her artwork. 

From Her Latest Book

“Living from your heart is a way of life. It means to listen with your heart, to relate to others with your heart, to receive and give to others with your heart, to access knowledge with your heart, to inspire and be inspired, and to learn discrimination, trusting in your heart’s ability to recognize right from wrong. It means being open to any possibility and any creative thought.”

– How To Live From Your Heart Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity and Discover Inner Wisdom

how to live form your heart
higher self yoga book 1
The Rose and the Sword
karma, destiny and your career - Nanette V. Hucknall
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2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner, NABE

How to Live from Your Heart was awarded Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.  Each year, for the past 35 years, NABE, now known as the National Association of…

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2017 Best Book Awards Finalist, American Book Fest

How to Live from Your Heart was honored as a finalist in the Self-Help: Relationships category at the 14th Annual Best Book Awards! LOS ANGELES – American Book Fest has announced the winners…

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